Mig Meal with extra chips



Murder at the Bakery.

Entry for this month's competition on 11SecondClub. It got #36 out of 200. I'll keep fighting! Click here to see the rest of the proposals.


Hostess animations

Some of the animations I've had the pleasure to do at work. Props and character design by Be Towers and Irene Fenollar.
Algunas de las animaciones que he tenido el placer de hacer en el curro. Diseño de personaje y props por Irene Fenollar y Be Towers.



Graphics for FB/tablet game. Staged city to be developed.
Graficos para juego de FB/tablet. Fases de una ciudad a desarrollar.

Click to enlarge/ Click y se hace grande


Mig, the Airbender.

Some time ago, me and some friends started a challenge inspired in the series Avatar: The Last Airbender  to draw ourselves as one of our favourite element-bender. Well, they finished ages ago and today I present myself as an airbender. Why an airbender? Well, although I'm not quick or skillful, I consider myself very pacifist and introspective. What about you? Which element would you master?



Un poquito de Fran, Mar, Drusk, David, Valencia, Baltimore, Lorca... y muchas cosas bonitas. Después de un añito, os dejo con  ¡LA TRIBULACIÓN DEL AÑO! ¡Espero que os guste!

A bit of Fran, Mar, DruskDavid, Valencia, Baltimore, Lorca... and everything nice. After a year of tribulations, I proudly present the ADVENTURE OF THE YEAR! I hope you enjoy it!